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OneWorld is a worldwide airline alliance made up the following airlines:

Delta Air Lines (Gevon), AirTypo, Dove Airlines, Trodonian Skyways, Corporate United Airlines, Eagle Airlines, Caldari Airlines, Nuclean Airways, Wantas Airways, Air Loslakia, Nuclean Airways, Air Sierra, WulgAir, Cheeland Airways, Air Cheesy and JetCarops.

Member airlines and their affiliates enjoy a high degree of co-operation in scheduling, ticketing, code sharing, flight transfer operations, frequent flyer benefits, shared airport lounges, reducing costs, and sharing best practices. The alliance reaches roughly 550 destinations in nearly 200 countries around the world, operating over 10,000 daily flights. OneWorld has been voted the world's best airline alliance in the 2007 Business Traveller Awards and named the World's Leading Airline Alliance for the fourth consecutive year at the 2006 World Travel Awards.

[edit] Potential Members

none at this time

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